Activate your creativity.
Live in effortless flow.
Manifest with ease.

Are you feeling disconnected from yourself and the natural rhythm of life? Do you sometimes feel like swimming upstream and pushing against your natural energy? Do you feel like you’re working so hard and frustratingly little comes from it?

You're in the right place. Most people mistakenly believe that we’re supposed to be equally productive every day. But living like this actually leaves you feeling exhausted and drained - I’m sure you’ve experienced this?

The secret is that when you align your life with the natural waves of energy you will create way more, way faster and with with less effort. Like the tides of the oceans we experience a natural rise and fall of energy each month as the moon waxes and wanes.

Learn to tune into these bigger cycles of nature and you will intuitively become aware of the power of right timing for everything – and start manifesting your dreams in effortless flow!


You're about to...

Start manifesting with the moon

  • Make 2024 your best year ever

    Create a year deeply aligned with your desires – beyond resolutions that don’t work...

  • Get crystal clear on your vision

    Upgrade your life in all areas. You will gain clarity and focus through powerful visualisations.

  • Manifest with effortless ease

    Become a magnet for what you truly desire – aligning yourself and amplifying your signal.

Activate your creativity

In the next 4-weeks you can...

  • Embody the powerful creator you are

  • Enhance your creativity

  • Amplify your intuition (Your inner guidance is way more powerful than the mind)

  • Manifest what you truly desire

  • Open up to receive the full abundance of life

Live in effortless flow

Imagine your life when you'll...

  • Be carried by the natural flow instead of struggling against it

  • Get more done in less time

  • Learn to slow down to speed up

  • Feel in harmony with your body and nature

Create your future

How will you feel like when you...

  • Overcome old patterns and limiting beliefs

  • Release emotional blocks that aren’t serving you

  • Get out of your mind and back into your body

  • Connect to your presence where all your power lies

  • Cultivate gratitude and attract more of what enriches your life

Are you ready to activate the powerful creator you are?

Life isn’t happening to you – it is responding to you

You are already manifesting all the time.

Everything in your life is what you have manifested so far. – But is it what you truly want?

Without being aware how we manifest we usually run on autopilot and operate from unconscious thoughts and limiting beliefs... until we make a conscious choice to change this and start taking our power back.

Life is simply a mirror.

A continuous reflection of the signal you are sending out.

Understanding this can feel daunting at first... as it forces us to start taking responsibility for what we have created in our lives. But then it is also incredibly empowering. Life isn’t simply happening to you – it is responding to you. And you can choose to actively create what you desire, as the master of your destiny.

So - what are you going to create?

You are a powerful creator being.


The Journey

Start following the moon

This 4-week journey through each of the 8 main lunar phases is designed to take you into an enhanced life experience on every level.

You can start at any time at the current moon phase and revisit the sessions every month or whenever you feel called. The deeper you dive in the more transformative the results will be!
The Journey

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Get started with the New Moon

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See you inside

Ready to upgrade your future?

What you get as well

Special Extras included with this course

  • 1-1 COACHING WITH SIMONA – Free 30 min call

    To clarify any questions that might come up for you during this course you can schedule a free 30 minutes call for a personal coaching session with Simona. She will guide you deeper so you can fully integrate all the learnings and upgrades from this course into your life.

  • MANIFEST WITH THE MOON – Private Group

    You will be invited to join our exclusive “Manifest with the Moon” WhatsApp group to share your manifesting experiences as you move through the course. Staying connected with a like-minded community will inspire and empower you on your manifesting journey.

  • MOON TRIBE ETHICAL FASHION – Special discount

    Ethical clothes for contemporary yogis and mystics to inspire us and celebrate our conscious community – designed by Simona. You will get 20% off the entire collection of our beautiful ethical fashion – Valid for one month after you join the program.